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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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arts, 9:45 a.m. an alert for folks in prince georges county some communities are experiencing water problems they include hyattsville, she cheverly and wssc says they are unsure right now, whether there is a break or a leak but they are investigating it. good morning. >> good morning allison, showers and thunderstorms rolling through during the early morning hours a break right now but possibility of more showers and storms, redeveloping during the course of the day. bring along an umbrella, just in case. live look at radar, showers and thunderstorms, down near ocean city, quickly pushing off the coast, get rid of those up stream here, up to towards hagerstown, cumberland, lees burg another round of showers
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and storms, move in from the north and west, let's push on i want to show you the bigger picture you can see that next area, of storminess approaching all because of a warm front, just waiverring across the region, we have the possibility that we will see a few more showerstorms bubble up later this afternoon some storms could be on the strong side. no cool air, 65 washington, 61 baltimore, 67 fredericksburg, forecast for today, lots of clouds around, i of sunshine as well, rather muggy, humid s high temperatures right back in the 80s, 83 washington afternoon storms developing more details on that forecast in just a couple minutes back up to you guys. new this morning, an attack after the president's speech in afghanistan, seven people were killed, the taliban says it was in response to president obama's packet with karzai.
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the two leaders signed an agreement in the capital of kabul. i will not keep americans in harms way, a single day longer, than is absolutely required, for our national security. but we must finish the job we started in afghanistan, and end this war, responsibly. >> the partnership agreement the president signed with president karzai solidifies u.s. presence in afghanistan through the year, 2024. you may have noticed beefed up security as you travel, a precaution in connection with the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. >> as fox 5s, melanie alnwick reports airports and metro will be effected. melanie. >> reporter: good morning tony and allison, we have not seen any increased presence outside the washington navy yard metro station yet this morning, some times you know the best security is the presence you
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don't see, dhs says there is no credible threat, of an active plot right now, to mark this anniversary, today, but still security teams not only in washington dc but other cities throughout the united states are saying they are not going to let their guard down airports in the united states for example, as well as europe and middle east will be under increased surveillance, especially on flights bound for the u.s., and while there is no specific threat they would like to use those specific words, intelligence officials say there is always a concern terrorists will use a big event like this to strike in new york and washington, transportation ports will be the focus of heightened vinal lens, transit police and their own -- individual lens, vigilance, transit police and their own security will be out in force.
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a renewed scrutiny or focus on tour buses, we saw several around dc yesterday, being stopped and inspected no specific word from department of homeland security or tsa about, exactly what is going on there, they are being cagey with what they are doing where they are doing it and when as you can understand one other thing though, with metro, metro is also saying, they don't have any specific credible threat here, but they do want riders to be on alert and riders to play a role in this they want to make sure everyone in the system is looking around and noting if they see any suspicious activity or unattended packages they should call police. >> thank you. to new york city where a bosnian born u.s. citizen has been found guilty for his role in a suicide bomb plot on that city's subway system, prosecutors say, he had received al qaeda training he
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was planning to attack just days before the 8th anniversary of september 11th two coconspirators and high school classmates pleaded guilty and testified against him. he faces a maximum of life in prison. we are going to continue out there, we will talking campaigning making speeches doing everything we can to help defeat barack obama. >> it is the end of the campaign trail for newt gingrich, mr. gingrich plans to officially drop out of the republican race this afternoon he will make the announcement in arlington virginia he did win contests in south carolina and georgia, two of them he took to his website to thank supporters this campaign reported being more than $4 million in debt. meantime mitt romney looking for an endorsement from former house speaker gingrich will campaign in northern virginia, this is video of mitt romney yesterday in new york, to mark the anniversary of
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osama bin laden's death. the presumptive republican presidential nominee is holding an event in chantilly in an hour from now, tonight he will be joined by bob mcdonald for a fundraiser, and dinner at the ritz. dc council couldn't come to an agreement on a payment plan our own matt is live at the wilson building in northwest now with a look at top issues for the council, so matt good morning let's start with not paying the workers who were furloughed good morning. >> good to see you. >> reporter: yeah, council has tried, they tried again, and it just seems like the mayor and council, can't work together, to get this issue voted on, what we are talking about is thousands and thousands of dc employees who were forced to take four furloughed days, in
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the last year, well, it would come out to about $22 million, that they would be paid back, but yesterday, over and over again council really battled this out they came up with compromises those didn't work in the end they just didn't have the votes to pass this through allison. >> right and there was also talk maybe about using the money to help pay for other city issues was that shot down as well matt? >> reporter: yeah, that was one of the issues that is why they had some problems allison because some of the council members wanted that surplus money they found to go to other things, like health care for immigrants in the community and other issues, and that was really the sticking point a lot of the council members i think they would have been able to get through this furlough issue, but it was the other money, where that other money went that really gummed things up and that is why they
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couldn't get this through. >> other city issues a delay in forming an ethics board what is the background with this. >> reporter: yeah, there is a delay, there was a problem here, they have to put, three members the play your needs to nominate three members for this new ethics board but it is taking more time than it first thought, councilmember mariel bowser is concerned about that and she was expected to introduce emergency legislation to allow council to pick one of those members itself. she backed off worked it out with council members, kwame brown asked maybe they give the mayor 30 more days mariel busker didn't think she would have the votes to get through, so she decided she would side with her colleagues and hope the mayor will use these next 30 days to get that list of nominees through. the mayors office says they have a list and it is coming --
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they have a list and it is coming through. >> harry thomas junior are we expecting sentencing tomorrow? >> yeah, it is going to be a big day tomorrow remember he is going to be back in federal court in front of a judge, and at this point we are not sure , what type of sentence he will receive. the prosecutor, u.s. attorney in this case, is asking for 46 months almost four years, councilmember thomas, and many of his family and friends have written to the judge and asked they reduce that sentence, so at this point, it is still a mystery it is happening tomorrow morning and we will have full coverage of what takes place, most people that you talk to, believe councilmember thomas will serve some prison time. >> matt, thank you so much for the latest city business coming from downtown dc thanks so much matt. >> coming up a family's tragic loss when their child dies from a rare disease. >> it is a disease that one local mother watched her own son battle with. up next lisa is here to tell us
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about her son and her fight to help other children, born with spinal muscular at trophy. we will be back in just a couple moments i can't stand these spots.
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welcome back, we have a sad update to a story we first told you about monday morning 5 month old avery, died monday afternoon, avery had spinal muscular at trophy and we told you about the bucket list her parents set up for her, trying to accomplish wonderful things before he passing sma is a rare disease that effects children around the world including 1 in 6,000 babies born in the u.s. a disease a local mom is addly all too familiar with , lisa founded the matt foundation incorporated after losing her 11-year-old son last year, to the same disease his name was malique we are happy to have
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lisa here we are sorry about circumstances and sorry about the loss of your son last year you reached out to me after we ran the story monday, told me a little bit about your situation and the fact that sma is not very well known and your foundation, what you are really trying to do is increase awareness of this disease? >> yes, increase awareness and also help families get the required equipment that they need because insurance companies don't cover a lot of things these children need, to have a good quality of life. >> obviously you are not a doctor, but what can you tell us about spinal muscular atrophy. >> it is in the muscular dystrophy family motor neuron effect your involuntary muscles such as crawling walking head neck and control and ability to swallow a lot of kids that have sma are fed on g tube, they use some type of assisted
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technology as far as breathing, be it a by pap or ventilator they have some machines to help them rest their lungs. >> there is no cure. >> or treatment. >> avery, that we talked about 5 months old and when we did the story monday we said doctors don't expect her to live past two and then she passed very very suddenly, in your case your son, he lived until he was 11 years old. >> yes. >> what was the -- were you surprised how long he lived? what was the prognosis you were given. >> there are three different diagnosis, type one, the most severe that is what avery had, type two, which is what my son has and those children don't need as much technology, such as a ventilator and there is type three, which these children can usually walk. my son was type two, he could move his legs his arms but was
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very weak i would say in his case he was a medium type two and all children have different ranges of what type they are. >> we see some great pictures of your son and from reading your accounts of what his life was like he was an active young man. >> very active we kept him involved anything he wanted to do like other children we let him do, he wanted to ride a bike we had a bike adapted for him, this summer he wanted to go to the spinal muscular atrophy conference in disney world we took him there he got to see his friends play with other sma kids that had the disease like him and have a great time. >> what do you want other people to know, and what is it that you want the public to know about the disease and the issues surrounding it >> i want the public to know this is a disease that is out here it is very rare but important to have genetic testing done, it is just like any other disease that could
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happen to you, sickle cell, spy that by the, something -- spina bifida something you can have pregenetic testing. >> both parents had to be a carrier. in my case my mom is a carrier, she had a child before me type one. she never knew she could pass the trait on to me, which is what happened. >> you mentioned insurance companies don't provide insurance for a lot of the technology that people need with this? >> correct. and in our case, we were very blessed to have family to help, but modifications to your home, such as a stair lift to get up and down the steps, ramps things of that nature not covered by insurance companies. >> tell me, a little bit about malique and we saw the pictures and you said he was as active as possible, he -- is this with
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shaq. >> yes, make a wish foundation they granted him a wish, to go meet shaq he was a great lover of basketball he wanted to meet shaq and dunk with shaq. >> people want more information about your foundation, and about the disease, where do you direct them? >> we have a website, www.the max, also you can visit we are part of a lovely group called families of sma out of chicago, they are at >> we will if you go to our website, we will link you to those websites as well and mac. >> yes. >> we thank you very much. >> thank you >> again thanks for reaching out >> thank you >> allison back to you. >> still ahead, how facebook is helping you to save a life. first let's check back with holly morris.
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>> hey, good morning we are live in winchester this morning where the 85th annual, shenandoah, apple blossom festival is under way, go ahead look at your closet, come on down to win chester for all the fun and festivities we will talk later about the history of this event and another event going on this weekend and since i love this shenandoah, university pep band i will see if i can join them in a song or two. live later fox 5 morning news stay with us. first today's trivia question for you, who issued the first mail order catalogue in the unitedstates, erin montgomery ward, benjamin franklin, richard warren seres or alexandre, graham bell the abser coming up, -- the answer coming up. fox 5 morning news is back after the break q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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>> another example of social networking, facebook kicked off a push for its members to become organ members, organ banks are already seeing a rise in registered donors across the country if you are already a donor add that information to your profile page. more than 112,000 americans are waiting for organs. dc based nonprofit, kaboom is out with its list of top cities that encourage children to play s some of them are in our area. >> maryland did well with this, kaboom identified baltimore, capital heights and more made the list for increasing quality of playgrounds in virginia, alexandria was recognized for working with the childhood obesity network, new york folk, hope well and dan velure main
9:24 am
as playville cities. we will tell you about a woman who may have won the lottery maybe she didn't it is all around a ticket in the trash we will tell you about that in a moment. >> plus a bird, in the path of a fastball, does that end well? >> do we want to see that. >> viral video next ready or not. >> right now, we will preview that during the commercial >> i am sure it has a happy ending. >> a live lookout side, another warm day ahead, that will bring wet weather it already has for some of you. tucker has the forecast after the break right now it is 9:24 a.m. 
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>> an arkansas woman who claimed a $1 million winning ticket should be happier than this but turns out sharon jones may not be able to keep the money jones picked the lottery
9:28 am
ticket out of a lottery trash bin after another person was told by the machine that sorry you are not a winner. sharon duncan another sharon originally bought that ticket and a judge says she should get the money. sharon jones plans to appeal the judges decision. so basically, you get your ticket the machine says you are not a winner she throws it away the other woman who routinely goes through lottery trash bin and takes tickets happens upon a $1 million winner and now can't keep it and the other sharon, p purchaser getting it. >> in this case the expression one man's trash is another man's treasure is really true. >> might not be. >> the judge said she is going to appeal. >> well, did you see the look on their faces leaving court. >> no way they are splitting that. >> but guess what you threw it away. >> if you split the money you both are getting more money than you had to begin with. >> and you threw it away. >> she did. >> but it said it wasn't a winning ticket. >> i see both sides.
9:29 am
>> she westbound traffic have thrown it away -- i -- she wouldn't have thrown it away the machine was faulty told her it wasn't winning ticket the lottery should pay them both. >> the lottery in arkansas is like we will let the judge deal with it. >> i see a new show, judge tony. >> yeah, i would be good on one of those shows. >> maybe i could do a show like that. >> i don't have any legal skills. >> some people are not. >> kathy the bailiff. >> that would be great >> i will be the news person in the lobby you know. >> we are going to sell this. >> we have a future. >> we have a future. >> just in case it doesn't work out. my day job. rain showers moving back in north and west, a few showers here, out towards lees burg and frederick, hagerstown probably had a light shower a few minutes ago there you go, no thunderstorm activity this particular round, tracking to the east and southeast, it is
9:30 am
possible we will get a few more showers in the next few hours throughout the day we will run the list of a few showers and thunderer storms, a warm front that is kind of stuck across here, just kind of waiverring across the region pushing north and east, let me show you the bigger picture next satellite radar there you go, you can see that next piece of energy diving down towards the washington area, already this morning check it out, big thunderstorm complex, passed through southern maryland and off the low eastern shore, heavy rain for southern maryland this one is not quite as impressive note all the grey the cloud cover it will be mostly cloudy day, sunshine from time to time but mostly cloudy and warm, and rather humid out, with high temperatures expected, to eventually top out, low to mid- 80s nice and warm this afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms back in your forecast. currently nice and mild, not terribly warm, 66 washington starting to see 70s break out
9:31 am
south, quantico, 72 degrees and 71 in fredericksburg here is your forecast for the remander of your wednesday, lots of clouds around scattered showers and storms back in forecast, see if we don't get a few storms popping up this afternoon. 83 your daytime high winds out of the east 5 to 10. later tonight, mild overnight, 62 the overnight low and the 5 day forecast, featuring more sunshine, and some very warm temperatures in fact hot by friday, high temperature 87, weekend, partial sunshine cool it down, into the upper 70s should feel good by the end of the weekend upper 70s by sunday afternoon, that is a look at your forecast allison, tony back to you. >> many thanks tucker washington capitals return to home ice for game three of their playoff series versus the rangers the series is tied 1 game a piece thanks to alex ovechkin's game winner monday that was his third goal of the playoffs despite seeing fewer minutes. >> nats fans will get another
9:32 am
chance to see bryce harper get his first major league hit at home tonight >> the rookie phenom got a nice reception during his debut at nationals park last night. >> number 34, bryce harper. [ applause ] >> yeah, there you go. a standing ovation from the home crowd not sold out, kind of surprised by that. standing ovation for the 19- year-old but like all the nats hitters bryce struggled he went 0 for 3, two ground outs he did shine in the outfield making a perfect throw and nearly throwing out a runner at the plate watch this, the ump blew the call, arizona won 5-1, nats lost 5 in a row. >> >> a viral baseball video, of the ball hitting a bird take a close look at your screen, the pitcher hit the bird with his
9:33 am
fastball, you can see feathers flying and then the bird makes a quick get away. the pitcher is a sophomore at a high school in illinois. >> yeah, it is hard to see but it is right in front of him check it out right there. >> boom. >> oh, man. >> but gets away. >> where does he get away. >> let's just believe. >> unless he explodes. >> okay we are saying he got away. >> i don't know if this is good video. >> he is fine. >> coming up hey, jessica simpson, after i think 12 months of pregnancy, has had her baby it is a baby girl, you won't believe how much she paid for her hospital room. >> a suite i believe. >> a birthing suite. >> yes, and enrique and jay lo about to go on tour together, but who gets top billing? [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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jessica simpson now has a baby girl and tyler perry's studio unforcue nately catches fire. >> -- unfortunately catches fire. >> dax holt and tmz. >> good morning how are you. >> good starting out with some sad news, tyler perry's studio how much damage was done. >> a lot of damage there was i guess it started off as a 3 alarm fire at his studios in atlanta he has multiple sound stages, back lot, offices there, this is where he films all his media movies, there was a huge fire broke out and turned into a 4 alarm fire by the time it ended took the firefighters an hour to put it out so we are waiting this morning to see if they come back with some kind of estimate how much damage was done, but this is a big deal i mean this guy, is crazy successful makes a tonne of movies out of these
9:38 am
studios and other projects and so, i mean, he obviously can afford to rebuild but never the less still a blow. >> any idea what started the fire dax? >> they do not know as of right now they are investigating to find out the cause but as of right now no word. >> all right. jessica simpson, brand new mom. >> how sweet. >> at long last give us the news. >> she is finally a mom. seemed like the longest pregnancy ever. thought the baby was going to come out walking basically gave birth yesterday to maxwell, drew johnson, baby girl 9 pounds 13-ounces we found out about the suite she gave birth in this is an maizing place, you got 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in this suite, cedar sinai hospital in l.a. goes for $4,000 a day to rent which is more expensive than where beyonce gave birth, flat screen tvs and couches if you are going to give birth this is
9:39 am
where you want to give birth. >> these she can afford it no coincidence i am wearing a pair of her shoes that helped make her a billionaire. baby maxwell will be fine. >> enrique was going on tour with brittany spears pulled out because he didn't get top billing now he and jay lo are going on the road and have struck a compromise. >> him pulling out was like okay brittany spears is a big deal you might want to go on that tour but here is the thing jay l o and him have signed up to go together who headlines this tour well, we spoke to ben any medina and a lot of other people associated in this concert tour, benny is jay los manager he said this will be a coheadlining tour so maybe one night jay l o starts another night enrique will start and depends on the crowd if you have a bunch of girls screaming for enrique they will send jay l o on first and have enrique close out the evening they are
9:40 am
saying this will be positive, a great tour, maybe bring in tonnes of money and kick off and people will go nuts. >> very cool and that video, that is announcing the concert we see marrow mario lopez is he a back up dancer. >> i think they just used him as mc for the day >> more eye candy. dax holt thank you. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> here is the thing i think a life lesson with jessica simpson you don't tell people the day after you conceive you are having a baby. >> i heard she was trying to wait because she wasn't going to get the cover because beyonce is on the cover now so she waited didn't tell anybody now is announcing so she can get the next cover or something. >> you are on to something. >> these are things we never have to worry about >> big time money involved. >> that is it from the buzz bin tony. >> thank you. an update on that water situation in prince georges
9:41 am
county wssc has located the break, that is causing a disruption in service for folks from hyattsville to capital heights the break is in the 5600 block of columbia park road. they are now beginning repairs we do know it is impacting a few schools, students who go to glad disnoon spell man elementary school are being relocated to blattensburg high school, students from judith hoyer montessori are being taken to central. parents don't have to do anything. the kids are being bussed. >> a lot of arts and crafts around our area, thousands expected in win chester for the annual apple blossom festival, holly gives us a preview next does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> one of the most famous paintings in the world is up for grabs. the piece is expected to fetch at least $80 million, for one painting? some experts believe the price tag will be even higher, the screen dates back to 1895 and often described as the defining image of the expressionist movement and the most famous painting done in crayon just kidding it is not in crayon. now to art closer to home, walt whitman high school is hosting their arts festival. >> more about this event, features painting sculpting hey, wiz. >> hey, allison and tony, this is a big deal you see this, there are pictures over here, we've got some ceramics, all kinds of things that have been made by the students, so this is a pretty big deal for walt
9:46 am
whitman high school to give you some idea how big this is i have experts the assistant principal he name is jerome easton and beside him wendy kleiner the chair person, of the arts festival thank you all for much for letting us come in first of all this has been going on for 50 years here what on earth inspired this? >> this began as a vision of dr. jerome marco, my first name by the way, and it began small being in our media center but because there was such a grand interest, and his vision was big it just expanded over the years. >> you have more than 3,000 pieces of work in here. >> absolutely and as you can see, the talent, that takes place is unbelievable. >> all right now we will ask wendy a question here, while we are shooting pictures a lot of work went into putting the together on both ends by the students and setting this up as
9:47 am
well. >> we have spent the last few months preparing for this student work, teacher work and believe it or not, we started this on monday, and it is up and looking like this today >> it goes on for two days anyone can come from 6 to 9:00 p.m. >> absolutely we are very very proud of the students and actually proud to be part of montgomery county art department they have never cut our funds and we are the best. >> why do you thing this is so important to have students do this? we have seen fascinating pieces. >> well, we want to inspire our students to display their talent they have done a marvelous job with that, and also a way of also emphasizing the value, of art, and in addition to just this art work you see here, our music department will be performing tonight and tomorrow night and as well on friday night we have a fashion show so we do a whole lot of art ski stuff. >> that is nice a lot of ski, so since we are -- skill so since we are talking about the people that have the skills, some students who have art work in here your art work is where
9:48 am
>> right over there. >> in the back. tell me about your art work. >> i have been doing ceramics for ten years i came to whitman and miss kleiner was very very happy to have me in her class, and i made tonnes of pieces, ranging from on the wheel or jurist by hand,. >> mm-hmm. >> and as -- or just by hand. >> mm-hmm >> and as you can see here are pieces i made this year, and i like to do a lot of different ranges with the colorthe different themehere as well, this is called a found art there is a lot of them over there as well and we have to make it every year for the end of the festival, and show them here. >> look i will walk over here i know i am making jack do a lot of work i appreciate that we will walk with the students to show you more of the art work we have some photosome pictures right over here, as well, and some of the students come over here i believe you two have work over here.
9:49 am
tell me about your work. >> you are here. >> yeah, i do mainly graphic design and illustration, so i really just like taking information and putting it into nice looking poster form, here is a poster i made for a band that i work for and i just really like illustration and stuff like that. >> all right and then we also have work right here, she is not looking but her work is over here. all right. so this is some more art work over here i want to show you something else, actual drawings, look, some of this right here this is an entire gym of all these different things, paintings, ceramic work we got all kinds of things here so if you are interested in the arts, come out to walt whitman high school you got two days to come check all this stuff out as i toss it back to the studio we will just look at all the students and everybody walking around. some of these things are for sale by the students, you have to check with the artist, to see if they are actually
9:50 am
selling n so yeah, this is a big deal for walt whitman high school come out if you have a chance to check out this festival back to you guys. >> only two days they need the leave that up for a whole week >> i know it is a lot of work that goes into it for two days they should leave it up for a week. >> looks like there will be light you know food and beverages too. we are just trying to highlight some of the great things local students are doing, we hope to do this throughout the month, just you know, some great kids in our area. >> thousands of people are expected to head to winchester virginia for the 85th annual, shenandoah, apple blossom festival. >> it runs through sunday that is where we find holly morris live man it has been an active morning another preview of the event. >> and this is going to be awesome as well we are not just talking about thousands of people coming to winchester, hundreds of thousands of people, a quarter million people came to the festival, last year, and one of the reasons is because, it is chalk
9:51 am
full of nonstop fun events previewing some of them this morning but you definitely need to make sure you check out the whole list we have a link on our website sharon thomas is going to talk now about weekend in the park. >> weekend in the park this year will have exciting new events an rv and boat show on saturday and sunday, and then, on sunday, we have andre, doing a presentation on gardening with little or no effort. >> there is something for everyone, so many types of events nonstop but the most fun thing, all of winchester comes together, to celebrate. >> everybody is involved. >> well, you can't come to the festival, and not talk to the two men at the top. and i have them standing next to me some skully the president and -- tom skully the president and john rosen burg there are the masters jackets and then the apple blossom jackets you guys look great tell me about how this got started. >> well, it started with a group of community leaders who
9:52 am
wanted to put together a celebration because this was such a large apple growing community 1924 they came together and put on the very first one and it was a success out of the box >> chef there are a lot of areas that try to do festivalmake them annual events but to be going strong and bigger and better than ever, what is the secret. >> community pr dissipation, just a great -- participation, just a great need, just ingrained in us, it is in our -- it is genetic. >> it is what you do. >> right. >> it is what you do in may. >> what you are. people are crazy if they don't come and experience the hospitality, that comes with i. now what do you think of this band. >> they are outstanding they have kept everything pepped up for you all morning. >> there are a not a lot of things more energetic than me,
9:53 am
the man keeping it going, steve what a fine job. >> thanks for having us. >> it will me about the band where you guys perform. >> we are the athletic band here at shenandoah university we perform at any home athletic event we travel occasionally and any time anyone in the community says hey, we want a fun pep band we will come out and do it. >> where does the apple blossom festival rank. >> every year the number one selling point is you are going to be on a float for apple blossom. >> do you audition for the band. >> everyone who wants to play we take them, teach them an instrument, get them set up it is wonderful. >> good they will take anybody that is key before i come in and you teach them an instrument what are you teaching me. >> cow bell. >> so the keys to playing the cow bell >> one of the most difficult instruments known to man kind take it. >> hit it. >> yep. >> now our anchor, allison seymour, she plays a mean cow bell she did it not long ago,
9:54 am
so this is -- >> you are going to one up her. >> i have faith in you. >> what are we going to play. >> out with a song called we are young. >> are you trying to flatter me. >> here we go, shenandoah, university pep band ♪ [ music ] ♪
9:55 am
>> there is not a lot more fun than the shenandoah apple blossom festival going on through sunday. we have a link at to find out about all the events, come out and enjoy. more fox 5 morning news after the break on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish - over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution.
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>> time toance tore day's trivia question, we asked who issued the first mail order catalogue in the u.s. benjamin
9:59 am
franklin. what did this go not do. >> be president. >> that's true. >> he was selling books. >> all right. >> and spectacles. >> and little nickers. >> yes. >> super sight in the sky. >> well, they wore nickers. >> a super sight in the sky saturday night if you look up after 11:35 p.m. you may catch a glimpse of the super moon at this time the full moon will be at its closest point to earth. the last super upon was march of last year here it is rising over brighton england. >> watch it saturday night, by sunday afternoon it will be embedded in the earth as it hurdled toward the earth. just kidding. >> is that official. >> no. >> warm and humid next several days more showers and thunderer storms today be ready cooler by the end of the weekend. >> what is so funny about the nickers. >> i


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